Au Revior

Long drives under moonlit skies,

Promises of love and sacrifice,

Warmth of love, joy of your presence,

Peace in your arms and the romantic essence.

So wonderful.. so true,

I wonder where it flew,

I fail to believe it ceased,

And how calmly to it you eased.

I know you’d never make that choice,

I console my heart, blaming external vice,

That which separated the inextricable,

Achieving what I presumed impossible.

They say love makes you strong,

In my opinion, they’re wrong,

Coz every single time that I’ve loved,

In my heart, the sword’s been deeper shoved.

After all the wounds it has healed,

I wonder how much longer it can shield,

The Agony and the shooting ache,

Before it may simply lose and break.

To me, you were my last,

Love now, is a story of the past,

I ain’t made for love maybe,

I won’t ever love any else, but you baby.

You may never want to return,

In that fear, everyday I burn,

But the fire is what soothes me,

Maybe devoid of pain I can never be.

Without the pain I’m void,

Every bit of me ; destroyed,

The emptiness of your absence,

Replaced by Agony’s presence.

And now pain is a part of me,

Inseparable, like we used to be,

I fear that if the pain sublimed,

I’ll be just an empty corpse with a numb mind.

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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