It was just the start,
Love blooming in my heart,
I’d just begun feeling happiness infinite,
When it all shattered that one night.
As I touched the dream-like-reality,
It imploded into countless pieces, sheer frailty!
Little did I know this was in store,
Another despair, ready to pour.
The monotony of incidents such,
Has made my heart immune much,
I wonder what I was thinking,
Another fantasy stupidly weaving.
I wonder if there’s anything better to come,
Other than devastating lessons that make me numb,
I wonder if there’s going to be that day ever,
When I find what will be mine forever.
Each time I’m ecstatic,
Life throws something tragic,
In every moment that’s happy,
I fear the next is gonna be crappy.
Another tear rolls out to dry,
Another day passes by,
Will I ever get what is mine?
Or just watch undeserving others twine?

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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