Expiration Date

Everything we see with our eyes, will someday perish!

I was looking for some cheese in my refrigerator this morning while preparing breakfast when I realized that it’s gone stale. It had crossed its expiration date last month.

It made me wonder about relationships and how every relationship too has an expiration date after which it goes stale. Unfortunately, forever is just a word and everything around us, including ourselves has an expiry date.

I got to thinking about the relationships I’ve had and how most of them have now gone stale. Why is it that after a certain span of time, a relationship starts dying?
Can any amounts of efforts keep a relationship from dying?

It is said that people come into our lives for a reason and once that’s over they’re gone. So is there nobody who comes in without a reason and stays until eternity?

Is there NO relationship that comes Without an expiry date?

Do we ever find a relationship that will last until the ends of time? (to put it dramatically) Are there any relationships made that will last forever or are we always struggling with each relationship hoping that’s the one?

Our relationship with our body is also until the day we breathe last, after which that relationship too has expired. So is it true when its said that ” Alone you came into this world, and alone you shall depart.” ?

And once a relationship has crossed its expiration date and gone stale, are we supposed to toss it in the garbage just like Expired products or are we supposed to let it rot further on our shelves and let it intoxicate us?
Relationship are tough to manage and we all have had our share of expired relationships. What do you do with the expired ones Let them perish on your shelves or toss it into the garbage?

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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