I opened the door…

I opened the door and quietly sneaked in. My racing heartbeats stopped as I saw him sleep peacefully, unaware of the unpardonable sin I had committed. I couldn’t bring myself to sleep over it so I chose to brood over the events of the past day with a cup of hot brew. The aroma from the coffee spread around and his wild fragrance faded away. The taste of roasted beans washed away the flavor of his lips that had been lingering on since the last kiss. The warmth of the cup, replaced the warmth of his palms. I sat there intoxicated by his charm, unwilling to accept the reality.

I had loved him for a decade and with every moment that passed, I loved him more. The unpardonable sin, of going and meeting the Man of My Dreams had seen its end. This was the last I saw of him, as I had an unasked Husband to cater to. My love, my dreams, my career, all had been sacrificed to please the duo that raised me; My Parents. Answering nostalgia’s one last call, I buried all the memories deep inside my stone turned heart and fell asleep on the couch.

A soft kiss on my forehead made my eyes open, to see before me the unasked man – My Husband. He had whipped up some desi breakfast and a nice cup of Cappuccino . He was a wonderful person and a great friend, but I could never willingly accept him as my husband. I respected him for the gentleman he was. I could never give him the love he deserved, but I could acknowledge and reciprocate his love for me with loyalty and truth. Thus, I made another sacrifice in the name of marriage.

P.S – Another one of my submissions from a writing challenge.

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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