Open Letter

Dear Charmingly Handsome Stranger,

You may not know who I am, and honestly neither do I know much about you. But my heart and mind have taken a sudden interest into you. It was a hot sultry afternoon, the first time I saw you. Suited in blue, with the short boxed beard accentuating your dazzling smile and the spark of mischief in your dark brown eyes, awestruck me. I always liked men who suited up well, but there was something more to you.

Probably Tyche (Greek goddess of luck) was my wing woman that day, because, the very next moment you came and sat on the seat right next to mine. It rarely happens that a charmingly handsome stranger occupies the side seat at movies because usually its wailing babies or grumpy oldies. But Tyche was batting for me, it had to be the unusual.

No sooner than you sat, the enchanting fragrance of your perfume weakened my senses. The fact that you were so close to me, gave me a gazillion butterflies in my stomach and as you rested your hand on the side rest, it touched mine and I had a mini shock wave run down my spine. I had lost all interest in the movie and my soul was leaning on you from inside my body, while I managed to somehow keep my body up straight and eye onto the screen.

Well, I guess I’ve said sufficiently enough and if I say anymore you may think of me as a compulsive stalker. Ah! I was wondering if you’d be interested to get acquainted over a cuppa !

RSVP @ 1234567890

-An allured XX chromosome


© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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