The Fallen Angel

It’s a different part of me..
Something I’ve never seen.. Somewhere I’ve never been.. …
It’s like a fairy tale..
Happiness seems to be on sale..
It’s like a fragment of my imagination..
My subconscious is in agitation..
Idk if it’s true or just a hue..
But it has blown away all my blue..

It’s his aura I belive..
Which everytime I perceive..
It’s like a drug..
I can never get enough..

The look of his eye..
When he passes by..
Gives me butterflies
and with him I realise not how time flies..

When I look at him..
World comes to a stand still..
I realise not where I’m going..
It’s like a trail never ending..

When he touches my skin..
It’s like a rush of adrenaline..
His eyes all hazy when he talks to me..
My heartbeats go crazy n my emotions glee..

I donno y I like this man..
He opened the doors where I put a ban..
Idk how he made his way..
He got to my heart like child’s play..

He is simple yet smart..
Never opens his heart.
Years of what I know him..
All seems so dim..

All I know deep inside,
is that in him i can freely confide,
And he is the MAN,
with whom it all began .. !!


© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.


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